ASGC offers a variety of scientific computing and big data analysis services for researches of AcademiaSinica, including the partner institutes around the world.

▶ High-Performance Computing: ASGC supports computing needs beyond the lab or institute or long-term evolving big data processing. In addition to using public user interface to submit batch jobs, ASGC also provides customization of the whole data analysis workflow together with application portal development.

  • HPC system: CPU, GPU
  • Performance tuning
  • Science portal and gateway
  • Visualization

▶ Research Data Management: ASGC offers data storage, access, backup, big data management and data science solutions.

  • Shared file system
  • Research data repository
  • Solution benchmarking and integration
  • Spatiotemporal data infrastructure (in collaboration with GIS Center)
  • Machine Learning-enabled analytics

▶ Cloud and e-infrastructure: ASGC provides cloud services, distributed resource federation, AAI and application hosting, etc.

  • Cloud storage
  • Resource federation
  • Colocation
  • Application hosting
  • Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure

▶ Training: Training and colloquium on ASGC services, computing and ICT are hosted, apart from annual International Symposium on Grid and Clouds (ISGC).

▶ Technical Consulting