2021-05-13, 8am-5pm DiCOS system downtime announcement
2020-11-26 NVIDIA-AS developer meetup
2020-05-16 ASGC power system interrupted during 9:07 - 12:30 (UTC+8). All system and network were affected and have been recovering right away.
2020-03-09 - 2020-03-10, 9am-5:30pm Urgency of Developing New AAI in Asia



ASGC is Improving Distributed Research Infrastructure to enable discoveries by large scale data analysis and simulations.


Scientific Collaborations
Based on knowledge and experiences of WLCG, ASGC has built up distributed computing frastructure support large scale data analysis and simulations by DiCOS (Distributed Cloud Operation System) to accelerate scientific discoveries in Academia Sinica.
Research Infrastructure
ASGC is building a distributed cloud-based research infrastructure for customized workflow, optimized efficiency, and accelerated research applications.
DiCOS -Accelerate Research Pipeline
DiCOS is designed to provide the good and ease use of the research infrastructure, platform and applications in the cloud.