2022-07-13 Resource relocation plan: A. FDR4 and FDR5 will be removed from the dicos submit. B. condor local submission will be removed. Batch job users are recommended to use slurm batch system instead. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
2022-06-01 QDR2 will be removed from the dicos submit. Please use other queues instead.
2021-11-25 AMD GPU deep dive session
2020-03-09 - 2020-03-10, 9am-5:30pm Urgency of Developing New AAI in Asia



ASGC is providing scientific computing and big data analysis services for researches by distributed cloud infrastructure and technologies.


Scientific Collaborations
ASGC develops customized big data analysis workflow over the common distributed cloud infrastructure by working collaboratively with research groups.
Research Services
ASGC supports computing needs beyond the lab or institute, and supports long-term evolving big data analysis.
with flexible user interfaces, DiCOS supports the acceleration of research pipeline by integrating cloud services, customized workflow and optimized efficiency etc.