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Work that cannot be reused without explicit permission

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Acknowledgement to ASGC

For scientific publications

Please include ASGC (Academia Sinica Grid-computing Center) in the acknowledgement when research outcomes that relied on ASGC resources, services or expertise are presented.

  • For example, “This work used ASGC (Academia Sinica Grid- computing Center) Distributed Cloud resources, which is supported by Academia Sinica”
  • Or, simply include “ASGC (Academia Sinica Grid-computing Center)” in the list of institutes to be acknowledged.

接受 ASGC 之硬體、軟體或諮詢協助以完成研究者,請於研究成果acknowledgement 中提及「中央研究院物理理所⾼高能物理理與科學計算技術中⼼」或「Academia Sinica Grid-computing Center (ASGC)」。

  • 範例例:感謝中央研究院物理理所⾼高能物理理與科學計算技術中⼼心協助,使本研 究得以順利利完成
  • 或是,將“中央研究院物理理所⾼高能物理理與科學計算技術中⼼心”加入acknowledgement 名單中