ASGC was established to join the international collaborations centered at CERN to build distributed computing infrastructure for e-Science in 2005. ASGC aims to develop advanced distributed research infrastructure based on requirements from multiple disciplinary research applications of AS, and to support AS being a major Asian hub of global research and collaboration network.

In support of its missions and in order to strengthen the global e-Infrastructure ecosystem, ASGC has been participating many international e-Science collaborations together with Asian partners since 2006, such as EGEE, EGI-Inspire, EGI-Engage, EOSC-Hub, etc.

Exploring the roadmap towards open science and open research ecosystem is also included in our missions.


Endorsed by AS and NSC/MOST, ASGC has been acting as WLCG Tier-1 Centre since 2005. ASGC stays at the forefront of distributed computing technology R&D through actively participating in the WLCG collaborations.

ASGC was designated as the center responsible for providing high throughput research network between Taiwan and Europe as well as  Asia (ASGCNet/ASNet), in collaboration with MOST (TWAREN) and MoE (TANet).

Academia Sinica
ASGC supports advanced computing needs of AS and provides easy access to achieve excellence in researches through distributed  computing infrastructure.