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EGI Community Forum 2014

The EGI Community Forum will be held at the Helsinki University Main Building in Helsinki, Finland. Click on the above image to visit the event website. 

iSGTW is at the European Grid Infrastructure (EGI) Community Forum in Helsinki, Finland, from 19 to 23 May. The event, which is expected to be attended by around 400 people, will see the official lauch of the EGI Federated Cloud. We'll have a post about this on the GridCast blog next Wednesday (21 May).

Pirjo-Leena Forsström, director of information infrastructure services at Finland’s IT Center for Science (CSC), is scheduled to give a keynote speech at the event on the Thursday (22 May). You can read our in-depth interview with her, here.

iSGTW also recently interviewed Yannick Legré, who was appointed director of earlier this year. He had this to say about the event: 

"I think that the community forum is essential to understanding the entire EGI community. It is a place where we share experiences and learn from one another. The richness of these events comes from interactions and the knowledge exchange that takes place. This year we are pushing real hands-on interactions with our hackathons.

"Over three days, users will also work with EGI experts to have their applications ported onto the federated cloud. Having everyone in one room, answering questions and having face-to-face discussion will accelerate the process, so that by the end of the week they will be able to take full advantage of EGI. However, the real ‘meetings’ happen over coffee and at lunch breaks: people just talking to people, kick-starting collaborations, and making EGI a community of people spread across 54 countries working together."

Be sure to follow iSGTW on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ for updates under the hashtag #EGICF14. We'll also have a full roundup of the event in our 28 May issue.