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Asia Pacific Regional Operations Center (APROC) PDF Print E-mail

The main purpose of the Asia Pacific Regional Operations Center (APROC) is to facilitate the expansion of the EGEE/EGI grid infrastructure and maximize the availability and performance of grid services in the region. EGEE/EGI is the largest multi-disciplinary grid infrastructure in the world and employs a distributed operations model that is based on regional operations centers. Another goal of APROC is to help resource centers operate in a more stable and efficient manner. The center provides Taiwan and the whole Asia Pacific region with maintenance and operation services to ensure the effective use of grid resources and services.

APROC was launched by Academia Sinica in April 2005 and now extends support to 23 grid resource centers in 8 countries, namely Australia, Japan, India, South Korea, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, with current resources exceeding 3300 CPUs and 1500 TB of storage. It has also played a prominent role in the establishment and basic operation of these resource centers, including the construction of grid systems, troubleshooting, application development, regional cooperation etc. Real-time monitoring and testing systems allow APROC to quickly track and solve problems arising in the centers and communicate with the local operations staff to solve problems swiftly.

APROC provides the following services:

  • Acts as the Asia Pacific Core Infrastructure Centre (APCIC) and monitors the global grid system on a regular basis, in collaboration with other regional core infrastructure centers. It also assists resource centers in other world regions in solving problems. Using CIC's monitoring service, APROC has managed to consistently maintain the average overall availability of grid resources at 99 percent or greater.
  • Keeps track of and responds to users with problems related to the grid systems. The use of the Ticket Process Manager (TPM) system assists APROC in its role as the first line of support by reducing the response time. It may also serve as a baseline for follow-ups and further improvements.
  • Develops and provides guidance on maintenance and operations tools (such as GStat, a real-time data monitoring system for global grids) as well as the development and integration of Nagios plugins to accelerate the troubleshooting process for daily grid maintenance and operations.


APROC provides the following services in the Asia Pacific region:

  • Performs real-time monitoring and problem tracking of each grid system unit through different functions of the monitoring system to maintain the stability of the grid environment
  • Establishing a test platform for newly developed grid middleware to ensure the quality of grid services
  • Collects and organizes grid-related documents to extend support and help users understand grid technology more quickly
  • Supports research institutions in the installation and updating of the WLCG/ EGI system
  • Assists in the setup of new grid resources, functional testing and certification
  • Coordinates and maintains the infrastructure security in the Asia Pacific region
  • Provides training courses on grid management



For more information, please visit the APROC web site:  APROC  EGEE  Gsat


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