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The thriving of Internet changes human life. The development of business, human interactions and information sharing are part of our life. We use WWW (based on HTML protocol) to browse information every day. WWW is invented by the largest particle accelerator center – European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland. In the past few decades, Computer resources (including computing ability, storage capacity and Internet connections) have developed in a fast than ever speed and further create the new Internet application infrastructure – Grid Computing. As Grid Computing is getting mature, it will eventually become a fast, convenient, and powerful tool for scientists to facilitate larger-scaled e-Science research and international collaborations. In the past 40 years, IT is considered to be a complicated and multiple system procedure as a result of business application evolvement. What we need is a dynamic random IT infrastructure to be provided with virtualization and service-oriented characteristic. This infrastructure that could lower system complexity, integrate scattered resources easily, virtualize resources and dynamically provide services is called Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).  

This concept infrastructure for business application has to be built on basic computing resources. The service-oriented infrastructure has to make use of the virtual computing resources, such as computing and storage elements provided by Grid. In 2004 IT Industry leaders and the academic have agreed to promote Grid technology standard supporting the service-oriented infrastructure and other business infrastructures together. By the collaboration of Industry and the academic, the WLCG infrastructure which established based on Grid technology has gradually become the new computing paradigm.  

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