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Grid Services
Asia Pacific Regional Operations Center (APROC) PDF Print E-mail

The main purpose of the Asia Pacific Regional Operations Center (APROC) is to facilitate the expansion of the EGEE/EGI grid infrastructure and maximize the availability and performance of grid services in the region. EGEE/EGI is the largest multi-disciplinary grid infrastructure in the world and employs a distributed operations model that is based on regional operations centers. Another goal of APROC is to help resource centers operate in a more stable and efficient manner. The center provides Taiwan and the whole Asia Pacific region with maintenance and operation services to ensure the effective use of grid resources and services.

APROC was launched by Academia Sinica in April 2005 and now extends support to 23 grid resource centers in 8 countries, namely Australia, Japan, India, South Korea, Pakistan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, with current resources exceeding 3300 CPUs and 1500 TB of storage. It has also played a prominent role in the establishment and basic operation of these resource centers, including the construction of grid systems, troubleshooting, application development, regional cooperation etc. Real-time monitoring and testing systems allow APROC to quickly track and solve problems arising in the centers and communicate with the local operations staff to solve problems swiftly.

ASGC Certification Authority PDF Print E-mail

Certification Authority

Certification Authority To ensure the availability of the global system including its diverse resources, parties interested in using the computing and storage resources of the grid need to apply for a grid certificate first. Similar to an identification card, a grid certificate represents each individual entity within the grid system. Certification authorities worldwide issue three types of certificates: grid users, grid service managers providing grid services.

Started in July 2002, the Academia Sinica Grid Computing Certification Authority (ASGCCA) is currently managed and operated by the Academia Sinica Grid Computing (ASGC) team. It provides certification services in the Asia Pacific region to help maintain a stable environment for grid projects worldwide. In 2003, ASGCCA joined the European Grid Policy Management Authority (EUGridPMA), which used to be the only grid policy management center worldwide at that time. In cooperation with other members, ASGCCA played a pivotal role in devising a basic structure for certification services with the aim to ensure a safe infrastructure for distributed computing worldwide. In 2004, ASGCCA also joined the Asia Pacific Grid Policy Management Authority (APGridPMA) to further expand the scope of certification services to grid systems in other application areas.

ASGCCA currently acts as a catch-all certification authority in the Asia Pacific region. It is responsible for managing and issuing certificates as well as providing technical support to grid users in Taiwan and other areas across the Asia Pacific region. ASGCCA has also set up Registration Authorities (RAs) in Asian Pacific countries to help with matters related to the authentication and screening of user identities and to enhance the efficiency of issuing certificate. (Please refer to the APGridPMA website for more information on certification organizations in the Asia Pacific.)

Virtual Organization Membership Service (VOMS) PDF Print E-mail

Virtual Organization Membership Service

In order to assist Taiwan and Asia Pacific region in effectively managing computing resources, storage resources, and user certificates, TWGrid supports regional services and project-oriented Virtual Organizations (VO).

In December 2005, ASGC launched its application and certification mechanism for the Virtual Organization Membership Service (VOMS). Interested users may refer to the TWGrid website for additional information on VO applications, the registration process and other virtual organizations.

ASGCHPC PDF Print E-mail

As the only Tier-1 center for the WLCG/EGI/EUAsiaGrid projects in Asia, Academia Sinica Grid Computing Center(ASGC) provided high usability, stable, and All-day computing resources. From the following documents, users can obtain the following information and begin to use the resource:


l   Introduction to ASGC high efficiency computing services.

l   System infrastructure.

l   How to obtain CA(certificate of Authorization), and join the virtual organisation.

l   Software editing

l   Submitting jobs.